Working Stiff by Rachel Caine

Bryn Davis knows working at Fairview Mortuary isn’t the most glamorous career choice, but at least it offers stable employment–until she discovers her bosses using a drug that resurrects the clientele as part of an extortion racket. Now, Bryn faces being terminated–literally, and with extreme prejudice.

Wit the help of corporate double-agent Patrick McCallister, Bryn has a chance to take down the bigger problem–pharmaceutical company Pharmadene, which treats death as the ultimate corporate loyalty program. She’d better do it fast, before she becomes a zombie slave–a real working stiff. She’d be better off dead…

Rating: ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ 

Alright it’s been some time since I’ve read a book by Rachel Caine, however I do remember that the lady knows how to write a pretty good story and the first book in the Revivalist trilogy certainly confirms that fact. And just in case, you didn’t read the book synopsis above, no this series isn’t a religious type of book in any sense of the word. It is, however, in an odd science fiction way, a type of a zombie novel and our lovely main character Bryn is the zombie and be forewarned that I may be dropping SPOILERS as I discuss this book.

All Bryn wanted was a nice steady job with decent pay and one would think working as funeral director would be just that since people die everyday of natural and unnatural means. However, that is not the case in Bryn’s case because the poor girl has the bad luck of picking to work for a funeral home that happens to have a side business of raising the dead. Well not raising the dead, Anita Blake-style, but by means of magic serum that a pharmaceutical company accidentally created and now has plans to make big money off of, if they plug the leek that allows Bryn’s new boss to sell the drug to his customers to raise their dead loved ones. The problem is that the drug isn’t a one-time thing so people have to keep coming back like drug addicts if they wanna stay alive and not become a rotting corpse, not a great way to go obviously.

Bryn accidentally stumbles in all this and winds up dead and then revived because of it in hopes that she can provide double-agents of Pharmadene with information about which of their employees is leaking the drug. She can’t however luckily she was revived the double-agents who want to get rid of the magic drug, clichely named Returne (clearly they never planned to market the drug with a crap name like that) since it has lots of bad implications which I will not totally spoil for you. Let’s just leave it at bad drug, sorta-kinda zombies, and megalomaniacs.

Now on to book two.


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