With Every Breath by Maya Banks

As a vulnerable teenager, Eliza Cummings was the target of a predator who cultivated her need for love and approval. Until she found the courage to fight back and help put him away. Years later, she works with Devereaux Security Services and devotes every hour to taking down the very thing that nearly destroyed her. But now the killer has been set free, and Eliza knows it’s only a matter of time before he comes for her, and the people she loves.

Wade Sterling never allows anyone close enough to see the man behind the impenetrable mask—but one woman threatens his tightly leashed control. He took a bullet for Eliza and the result was more than a piece of metal embedded in his skin. She was under his skin and nothing he did could rid him of the woman with the heart of a warrior.

But when Wade sees a panicked and haunted Eliza he knows something is very wrong, because the foolish woman has never had the sense to be afraid of anything. So when she tries to draw a monster away, the primal beast barely lurking beneath his deceptively polished facade erupts in a rage. She may not know it, but she belongs to him. This time, Eliza isn’t going to play the protector. She was going to be the protected. And as long as Wade breathes, no one will ever hurt what is his.

Rating: ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ 

Okay, I’ll admit it took me a little bit to remember the characters in this series, but in my defense I’ve only read the series once and it was nearly half a year ago when I read the books. However, once my memory started coming back, I remembered that I was eagerly awaiting this story since we have two head-strong individuals coming together and Eliza is one of those kick-ass women. But in this book we learn that part of what makes Eliza the kick-ass woman that we love is due to the past that she has hidden from her friends and coworkers. On one hand, you will feel for Eliza and her past, on the other hand you want to kick her in her ass to get her out of victim/accomplice unwilling killer and no I won’t spoil it by explaining the second half of the mindset; let’s just leave it as the woman needs to move past it. Of course, it’s easy to say that as a third-party and not as someone who’s going through it.

I will also say that I spent at least a third of the book thinking that this was going to become a threesome, because Maya Banks is good at creating those poly-relationships (and seems to like making them since I’ve read multiple stories like this) and there seemed to be hints that Dane has a thing for Eliza in a romantic sense and that perhaps she might feel the same way. But in the end it doesn’t play out. Honestly I’m not sure if I’m okay or not with this. I liked Dane for Eliza too and to have 2 alpha males for this alpha female who’s been so badly hurt in the bad seems like a great thing for her to have two loving males who love her. Oh well, in any case, now to wait for the next book, which unfortunately is not Dane’s story. >.<



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