Eleventh Grave in Moonlight by Darynda Jones

A typical day in the life of Charley Davidson involves cheating husbands, missing people, errant wives, philandering business owners, and oh yeah…demons, hell hounds, evil gods, and dead people. Lots and lots of dead people. As a part time Private Investigator and full-time Grim Reaper, Charley has to balance the good, the bad, the undead, and those who want her dead. In this eleventh installment, Charley is learning to make peace with the fact that she is a goddess with all kinds of power and that her own daughter has been born to save the world from total destruction. But the forces of hell are determined to see Charley banished forever to the darkest corners of another dimension. With the son of Satan himself as her husband and world-rocking lover, maybe Charley can find a way to have her happily ever after after all.

Rating: ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ 

Holy guacamole! I can’t believe-….

Wait, if you are not caught in the series, go back. Go directly to the last book you read, do not stop to touch and drool over Reyes, Osh, and Garret, do not get coffee…. no wait, I take that back, you are allowed coffee because coffee is divine and you’ll need it to binge-read up. To those who are caught up, damn this book was a roller coaster ride of events. Charley, as usual, is solving a case, but what a case it is as it connects to Reyes’s past and the man is totally pulling the man behavior (sorry to male followers, but it’s been the observation of mine and a number of friends that yall seem to have a certain M.O. in these situations and Reyes be following the script perfectly), of not wanting any parts of his past popping in his present.

Now, understandably there are things that Charley ain’t aware of, like their initial interactions as gods and all, but she’s no stranger to the kinds fo things he went through in his mortal life. So nothing she learns in the course of her investigation is going to change her feelings for him. But he tries to stalemate her and order her around. Totally not flying, especially since Ubie’s trying to do the same mess. Both men trying to shield her, but honestly, they should know you can’t hide from Charley. I won’t ruin things for those who haven’t read the book yet with the details, although I’m fairly sure if you’ve read this far in the series, you have an idea of how our fearless heroine rolls.

In any case, as I said the things with Reyes and Ubie connect to the past and her and Charley does find out things. She also gets a little god training, pisses off the Christian god a little more and my reading of the books it seems that even here on Earth or this dimension had more than one god and by some means or another the Christian god took over as the main honcho. I also really didn’t care for the Christian god’s behavior, although indirectly through his hench-angels. Of course, that may be projecting a bit since I don’t have a positive opinion in real life; or my impression is right and some of you will find him to look unfavorable in this book. I’ll be interested to hear opinions.

Anyways book ends off on another of those big cliffhangers so be prepared to be biting nails and grumping about when the next book is due. Of course, I’ve got multiple books I’m waiting on so that probably explains the state of my nails and why I hide my nails when I go to the nail salon for a pedi.

Also one of my favorite  pre-chapter meme quotes, possibly because it fits me and I think I may have to turn it into a t-shirt:

I never said I’d die without coffee.

I said other people would.



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