Little Dead Rotting Hood

The residents of a small town discover that something more sinister than killer wolves is lurking in the backwoods: first the wolves start turning up dead…then people.

Rating: ⋆ ⋆ 

So first of all, yay for my first movie review and non-book review. I probably could have done some reviews earlier since I’ve seen the live-action Beauty and the Beast and the reboot Power Rangers movies, however, I prefer to do my reviews when I have just finished reading/watching something so everything is fairly fresh in my mind. Plus the ridiculously low-level B-ness of this movie compels me to warn all others to watch the movie at their own risk.

Clearly, from the title, this is some horror movie take on the Red Riding Hood fairy tale, but except for a girl in a red hood in the forest, a grandmother, and wolves, that’s about the only connections we have. Now that wouldn’t be a problem since a lot of other Red Riding Hood-inspired movies have the same elements (although most only stick to one wolf, or at least those that I’ve seen). My issues are the poor acting and weird-ass plot. I’ll admit that I would occasionally order Netflix to jump ahead a few minutes, but I still got enough to see that the plot’s weirdness. Basically from what I got from the reveals near the end is that Sammy, our Red Riding Hood comes from a bloodline known as Keepers of the Forest who’s job seems to protect the world from supernatural wolves and who knows what else and keep mankind or at least the people in their towns safe.

Now I say supernatural wolves and not werewolves because most of the wolves in the movie look like wolves (although at one point, while never showing us directly, a character says one of the bad dead wolves has double set of teeth) and are quite realistic except the Den Mother, who looks like a really bad CGI werewolf copy of the mega Lycan in the fourth Underworld movie that was Nair-ed of it’s furs. And I’m not quite sure of this Den Mother plot device. My understanding was that the Den Mother is the leader of the pack (which totally goes against most werewolf lore and natural wolf pack order) and the one we get in the movie is apparently mega of Den Mothers, who should you watch the movie the real identity is not the obvious choice. I also don’t get why when the movie indicates all the bad wolves are werewolves, why only the Den Mother has the weird man-shape wolf from or why she’s the only one to return back to being a naked human woman in death.

Perhaps another excuse to have a naked woman scene? I think it’s quite possible since we had the required horror movie element of a sex scene where they give us a fully naked woman who then winds up getting killed and partially eaten along with her lover. It seems B-movies are never happy unless they have a naked women or two in them and predictable sex scenes that lead to one or both of the lovers getting killed off. Also, the costume for the heroine is rather odd. But then again the movie is odd since the poor girl has to stumble into her new job after dying and being resurrected as some kind of zombie werewolf chick that fights the bad werewolves?



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