Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima

Seven Realms Books

RATING: ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

So I enjoyed this series so much that I didn’t want to stop (but I had to for work and homework because responsibility demands it) and do separate book reviews for every single book so this review is essentially a recap of book one and a discussion for the rest. Please be advised that while I’m rhapsodizing why I enjoy this series, SPOILERS will be zooming in willy-nilly throughout however long this review shall be (again homework limiting how much time I can spend time thinking about any kind of writing that I do enjoy).

So at first, you’re not really a 100% certain who the main characters are, but eventually, it becomes clear that it is Princess Raisa and the former street rat, Han Alister. Which makes perfect sense they are way distance cousins (like to the 95th degree). Their ancestors are the Hanaela and Alger Waterlow, commonly referred by the masses as the Demon King, who’s love produced twins, Alyssa who goes on to continue the Gray Wolf line and Alister who is a wizard like his father. We also learn at least in the last book that it was Alger’s best bud who was in love with Hanaela who betrays them both multiple times which still results in best bud never getting the girl and losing what little of the girl that he had to begin with (take note people, telling the Spirit Clans about the biological father of your wife’s children is not a way to endear yourself to a woman. Why he thought this would be a good idea when he knows she loved Alger and thus would love last connection she has to the man she loves is beyond me). It’s because of his big fat mouth that the gifted who come from this twin’s line are cuffed to contain their magic until at such time they decide they can be useful, hence Han’s uncuffed state.

However we also learn in the last book due to Dancer’s study of flashcrafting (making magical tools which only the Clans can do) is that the amulet that Elena Demonnai (I know I’m screwing up the spelling) was created so that if Han felt he had to defend himself against the Clan, or specifically their wizard-killing hunter, his spells would rebound and kill him because of their amulets. Talk about double-crosses. In any case, Han never used that amulet and it wound up as Dancer’s when they had to run out of Arden, which is the kingdom that is basically A Handmaid’s Tale/Salem Witch Trials, Dancer lost his and had to take Han’s who had never connected to it since he had the Waterlow amulet.

Anywho, to prevent any more bouncing around spoilage, let me summarize that this book is kinda of like a teen version of Game of Thrones with the warring and political intrigue with a dash of Harry Potter with all the magic elements and some Romeo and Juliet except with a better ending and nearly adult teens who don’t make stupid mistakes (this may have to do with upbringing or perhaps the author recognizing that there are smart teenagers in the world and not all of them are the stereotype). This is a definitely a series worth reading and owning in a personal library.




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